Fleximat® woven steel cord core for conveyor belts

Bekaert Fleximat® is a woven steel cord fabric that has been designed to reinforce rubber conveyor belts. Its structure consists of longitudinal cables that are woven together with transversal cables forming a heat, impact and cut resistant barrier.

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Fleximat® uses, in the longitudinal direction, regular cords for long-haul conveyors or high-impact cords for heavy-duty applications. In the transversal direction, high-stretch cords offer troughability and high-rigidity cords offer lateral stability. Fleximat® can be processed on classical textile belt production lines.

Because Fleximat® provides excellent reinforcement in two directions, a customizable combination of cord properties can offer a variety of solutions. Its flexibility is great for applications that require smaller pulley diameters. Its optimal elongation makes it a perfect option where shorter bends are needed.  It can be used in belts for bucket elevators, and offers the option of cable free zones for easier bucket attachments.

Thanks to these unique properties, Fleximat® conveyor cores can be applied in all major fields of mining and industrial applications, including cement plants, steel works, power stations, and harbors.

Maximum strength performance

Make your conveyor belt highly resistant to damage thanks to Fleximat 's special weawing technique and unique transversal reinforcement.

Neither warp nor weft cords are in any way deformed, but both lay perfectly straight all over the belt length .

The use of high elongation cords in the transversal direction leads to:

  • Better cutting resistance of the belt
  • Absorption of impact forces
  • Troughing flexibility of the belt
  • The steel weft cords are also protecting the warp cords underneath

For belts working in extremely severe conditions with regards to ripping and tearing, the transverse strength can be increased by:

  • Applying a higher weft cord density, up to 200 weft cords/m
  • Applying thicker and stronger weft cords
  • Combining stronger weft cords with higher density

Which Fleximat product best suits your needs?

Our portfolio holds different product ranges, with a variety of mix between steelcord and textile yarn for both the warp and the weft. Pick the one that best serves the needs of your application.

Woven fabric

  • Warp from steelcord
  • Weft from textile yarn
  • Best suited for sprikler hoses on drilling platforms and forrest & agricultural tires

Impact welt

  • Warp from steelcord
  • Weft from steelcord
  • Best suited for stone quarrystacker reclaimerbulk handling plants, and long haul conveyor belts

Breaker fabric

  • Ward from textile yarn
  • Weft from steelcord
  • Best suited for pipe conveyor belts and dust seal belts

Straight warp

  • Warp from steelcord
  • Double weft from steelcord
  • Best suited for flat beltsbucket elevatorsheat resistant belts, and taylor made solutions

Use cases


Enhanced Performance and Extended Service Life with E-cord in Longitudinal Direction:

  • Confronts Impact of Sharp/Heavy Rocks
  • Resistant to Hot Materials and Scorch (Cokes)
  • Handles High Curvature Bending Effectively

Strengths of 2000N/mm and beyond with Minimal Elongation:

  • Optimal Load-Bearing Capacity
  • Limited Stretching or Deformation
  • Typical Elongation at Operating Load: 0.4%


Integrated Carcass with Dual Functionality:

  • Same functionality as classic steel cords while incorporating a rip stop layer.
  • Enhanced reinforcement and protection against tears and damages, combining the benefits of both steel cords and rip stop technology.

Streamlined Processing on a Textile Calendar:

  • Simplifies the manufacturing process
  • Reduces production time and costs.

Perfect Solution for Temporary Steel Tension Capability or Critical Steel Tension Uptime:

  • Convenient solution without the need for complex creel setups.
  • Ensures continuous operation and minimizes downtime risks.

High Strength Capabilities up to 3150N/mm:

  • Exceptional load-bearing capacity
  • Suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.


  • The Ideal Transversal Support for Large Pipe Conveyors: Ensures stability and reliability in conveying bulk materials over long distances.
  • Wide Range of Breaker Fabrics for Optimal Performance:
    • Designed to strike the right balance between anti-buckling properties and acceptable closing forces.
    • Tailor the selection to match specific conveyor requirements and optimize operational efficiency.
  • Ready-to-Use Widths, No Cutting or Adjusting Required: Streamline installation and reduce downtime, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Wide Width Availability up to 2.4m:
    • Catering to a range of conveyor system dimensions and requirements.
    • Offers flexibility and compatibility with various conveyor configurations.
  • Consider IW Fabric for Steel Tension Members and Steep Curves: Ensures reliable performance and durability in challenging conveying scenarios.


  • Achieve Exceptional Transversal Stiffness: Ensure optimal stability and rigidity, enhancing the overall performance of conveyor belts.
  • Preferred Reinforcement for Cable Belts and Sidewall Belts: Trusted by industry professionals for their reliability and suitability.
  • Unrivalled Straightness for Smooth Running, Even in Curves: Maintain consistent belt tracking and prevent issues such as misalignment.

Woven fabric

  • Ideal for extremely dense breaker for belts.
  • Can be made in the configuration of available Bekaert tire cord constructions.
  • Feasibility of use on existing textile belt production equipment.


  • Excellent heat, impact and cutting resistance
  • Can be processed on classical textile belt production lines
  • Increased flexibility and elongation
  • Easy substitution for both textile and steel cord belts


Coating Brass
Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Cord - rope - strand
Tensile strength N/mm² ST350-4000 N_mm