Bezinox® 非磁性電力ケーブル鎧装線

Bezinox® non-magnetic armoring wire is a heavily galvanised, austenitic stainless steel wire used for protecting three phase submarine power cables.


The wire which empowers you

Lets go for a carbon-neutral Europe within the offshore industry

The European Commission has identified wind energy as the dominant power generation technology. 
With a long-term history in sub-sea armoring solutions for electricity export cables, Bekaert sees value creation potential in renewable energy business. Based on deep market & customer insights from cable producers, designers, TSO´s and wind farm developers, we understood what the challenges for this market are and how we could develop a product and service, which can significantly help these market challenges.

To cope with these challenges Bekaert has developed a non-magnetic galvanized stainless steel armoring wire - Bezinox®,
which eliminates armoring losses.

Why does the subsea cable need armoring wire?

1. Reliable mechanical protection - the steel wire reinforcement (armoring) provides protection, enabling installation and operation during rough conditions

2. Protection against impact and abrasion - armoring protects the cable against impact and abrasion from the rocky environment, fishing gear, installation tools, small anchor, etc.

3. Well balanced physics of the cable - armoring helps to handle static (weight) and dynamic forces ( e.g., vessel movements), torsion and sidewall forces 

4. Increased life-time of the cable - efficient armoring can increase the life-time of the cable thus improving the performance, reliability, and safety of the cable core



  • A-magnetic properties on cable level
  • Superior corrosion protection in marine environments than regular hot dip galvanised low carbon wires
  • Good processability


Bulk Material Stainless steel
Coating Zinc
wires Round, Flat