Bezinox® non-magnetic armouring wire for submarine power cables

Bezinox® non-magnetic armoring wire is a heavily galvanised, austenitic stainless steel wire used for protecting three phase submarine power cables.

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The wire which empowers you

Let´s go for a carbon-neutral Europe within the offshore industry

The European Commission has identified wind energy as the dominant power generation technology. 
With a long-term history in sub-sea armoring solutions for electricity export cables, Bekaert sees value creation potential in renewable energy business. Based on deep market & customer insights from cable producers, designers, TSO´s and wind farm developers, we understood what the challenges for this market are and how we could develop a product and service, which can significantly help these market challenges.

To cope with these challenges Bekaert has developed a non-magnetic galvanized stainless steel armoring wire - Bezinox®,
which eliminates armoring losses.

Successful stories of Bezinox®

Deep diving with the best

Meet Seagreen project - The largest offshore wind farm in Scotland


We have produced and delivered Bezinox®, the non-magnetic armouring solution to the largest Scottish offshore wind farm - Seagreen.

Our Bezinox® solution has been used as an armouring for 196 km of export cables, to deliver energy to 1,6 million households in Scotland. 

Thanks to its non-magnetic features the energy losses are reduced significantly and therefore the energy is transmitted efficiently. 

How can you benefit as an operator of an offshore wind farm?

  • Bezinox® will prevent failures and energy losses resulting in lower cost
  • your export cables will have a longer lifetime and high-reliability thanks to outstanding corrosion protection
  • your project will be more sustainable using non-magnetic steel, which has a lower CO² footprint
  • with our solution, you are also protecting the marine environment as our armouring wire reduces the surrounding temperature of the cable

Why does your subsea cable need armoring wire?

1. Reliable mechanical protection - the steel wire reinforcement (armoring) provides protection, enabling installation and operation during rough conditions

2. Protection against impact and abrasion - armoring protects the cable against impact and abrasion from the rocky environment, fishing gear, installation tools, small anchor, etc.

3. Well balanced physics of the cable - armoring helps to handle static (weight) and dynamic forces ( e.g., vessel movements), torsion and sidewall forces 

4. Increased life-time of the cable - efficient armoring can increase the life-time of the cable thus improving the performance, reliability, and safety of the cable core

Testing beyond

In the subsea cable industry, there isn´t the ONE ideal cable for ALL projects. But what if you could broaden your options? 

As a solution provider, we do not only perform internal tests but go one step further to give you more tools for your successful projects. 

KEMA Labs white paper

Run your project with ease. Read the white paper to understand the differences between non-magnetic and conventional steel armoring wire to utilize the benefits.





  • A-magnetic properties on cable level
  • Superior corrosion protection in marine environments than regular hot dip galvanised low carbon wires
  • Good processability


Bulk Material Stainless steel
Coating Zinc
wires Round, Flat