Technical advice disclaimer

The statements, analysis or calculations you have received are based on information provided to BEKAERT by you, or on behalf of you, and shall be used as general information only.

As BEKAERT does not have a complete insight in, nor control over, the correctness of the input data provided to BEKAERT, the use of the BEKAERT advice or calculations by others, the project specific conditions (such as, but not limited to, properties of the soil or other supports, geometries, appropriate detailing and execution requirements, specific jurisdiction requirements, material properties and quality control associated therewith, specific installation conditions that may effect material properties, the nature and configuration of other building components attached, or with impact on the slab, wall, structure, road, application or project) or the proper application of the products in accordance with the applicable installation guidelines and accepted practices, the statements provided herein shall not be relied upon for any specific application without independent verification and assessment of suitability by the project’s engineer of record, architect, or another party acting in similar capacity, as stipulated by the authority having jurisdiction or other applicable contractual regulations.

Therefore, while hypotheses used in these statements, preliminary advice, or calculations are based on sound and established principles, they shall not be deemed as instruction for any specific application or project without subsequent independent analysis, evaluation, verification and assessment of appropriateness for such an application by the building engineer and/or architect of the project, since BEKAERT is not, nor can it be considered as, an architect and/or building engineer.

Based on the preceding, BEKAERT hereby declines any liability whatsoever for losses and/or damages of whatever kind (and sustained by whomever) that might result from the above.

The official text of the disclaimer is its English version, as provided above. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation shall not be considered binding or having legal effect for compliance, implication of liability or enforcement purposes.