Looking for a plaster reinforcement solution or a render support? Stucanet® is the answer for all types of plasterwork and rendering, in interior and exterior applications. Stucanet® is easy to install, and can be used on solid backgrounds like wood or bricks and on supporting structures such as timber or metal frame profiles.


The mortar can be Gypsum, lime, lime-cement or cement. The plaster or render can be applied manually by hand and also by mechanical mortar spray techniques.

Stucanet® can be used as a drywall alternative. This stucco lath solution is made from a galvanized or stainless steel welded wire mesh into which a moisture absorbent sheet of chip paper is interwoven. The chip paper assists with the wet adhesion and curing of the mortar and the perforations allow the mortar to perfectly bond around the steel wires, resulting in firm anchoring of the mortar.