Erfurt Airport, Erfurt, Germany

Project type:

  • Road


  • Asphalt pavement (110.000 m²)


  • Owner: Erfurt Airport 

This throwback project was carried out in 1997 at the Erfurt Airport in Germany. About 110.000 m² of runway pavement had been renovated using Mesh® Track structural road reinforcement. Later evaluation showed that the renovated slab still is crack-free after 20 years.

Several renovation solutions were evaluated by deflection measurements before choosing Mesh Track®. Dr. Ing. Bernd Grätz of the Institut Dr. Ing. Gauer clarifies the decision.

The challenge

“Runways are constantly subject to heavy loading and dragging. This causes a lot of wear and tear to the concrete surface of the runway. The airport required a solution that was quick in execution, but meets the high standing load bearing and friction requirements.

The solution

“Bearing concentrated loads of 150.000 N, Mesh® Track showed the highest bearing capacity of all tested renovation solution. Mesh® Track also provided the most optimal protection against reflective cracking, resulting in a crack-free surface after 20 years.

Mesh® Track cut the construction time by 40% compared to complete break-out. The contactor was able to install up to 17.500 m² each weekend, finishing the job over the course of six weekends.