Road reinforcement solutions

There is nothing more frustrating than bad road conditions. Increased mobility puts severe strain on existing infrastructure, resulting in a need for more efficient and longer-lasting road reinforcement solutions. Bekaert offers two reinforcement solutions for specific road works: Fortifix® for renovating road cracking and Mesh Track® for structural road problems.

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About Road Reinforcement

The importance of qualitative road renovations

Long-lasting roads

Long-lasting roads

Optimal driving pleasure

Optimal driving pleasure

Less or no maintenance

Less or no maintenance

Safe road conditions

Safe road conditions

Steel interlayers

The best choice for your road renovation

Renovating roads with a crack-preventing interlayer is a perfect alternative for complete road renovations. Using an interlayer speeds up construction because there is no need to expose the underlying pavement structure. Interlayers are available in many materials, including plastic, glass and carbon. However, steel offers the best solutions:

  • Cradle-to-cradle
    Steel is the world’s most recycled material because it doesn’t typically degrade in quality each time it is reprocessed, unlike many plastics and paper materials.
  • Durable
    Steel, unlike many plastic materials or glass, has a very high Young’s modulus, resulting in a higher durability performance.
  • Stable
    Steel is a high-grade building material that is proven to provide solid support for all types of applications.

Did you know we offer two unique steel-based solutions for long-lasting road renovation?

Depending on the kind of problem, we offer 2 unique steel-based solutions for long-lasting road renovation

From road cracking to structural problems

Reflection cracks

Local cracks

Continuous reinforced slab

Separated concrete slabs


Side sliding

Fatigue cracking

Fortifix® Interlayer

Fortifix® is a steel anti-reflective cracking interlayer  

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Mesh Track® Interlayer

Mesh Track® is a steel-based structural asphalt reinforcement solution

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