Bekaert is a global producer of steel wire reinforcement solutions for a wide range of applications. For roads and pavements, Bekaert offers two types of reinforcement solutions for specific road works:

Fortifix road reinforcement by Bekaert Fortifix® for renovating road crackingMeshtrack road reinforcement by Bekaert
Mesh Track® for structural road problems 


Save on the installation time and maintenance costs of your asphalt overlay.
Fortifix® anti-reflective cracking interlayer is an easy-to-use steel cord structure for non-structural road renovations that not only provides a high service-life, but is also 100% recyclable.


Discover how it works in the following video or learn how to install Fortifix®.

Extended life-time

Improved anchorage of steel in asphalt

Fortifix® retains its high stiffness and optimal elongation even after installation and continuous, heavy traffic . The reason for the better performance of steel can be found in the improved anchorage of the steel in the asphalt and has less to do with tensile strength.

Tried and tested
Fortifix® has been fine-tuned through finite-elements simulations (FEM). Extensive performance tests, including 3-point bending tests, thermal-plate tests, and adhesion tests showed that the interlayer has a high tensile stiffness and increases the fatigue life-time of roadways significantly.


Millable & 100% recyclable

A perfect separation of steel and asphalt

The magnetic properties of steel ensure a perfect separation of steel and asphalt enabling 100% recycling of both materials steel and asphalt.

User-friendly format

Fortifix® enables a quick and correct installation

The interlayer can be easily rolled out, either by hand or machine, on both rough and smooth surfaces. Extra fixation or protection is not needed. The interlocking property of the 3D cord structure improves the adhesion to the tack coat or SAMI. To further increase stability, Fortifix® is also available on a plastic grid or a non-woven carrier.

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Mesh Track®

Keep your roads maintenance-free for 30 years or longer. Mesh Track® is a steel-based woven steel netting for structural road renovations. Its high performing material properties and hexagonal structure offer unique benefits in terms of recyclability, durability and usability.


Mesh Track® is completely cradle-to-cradle. The steel can be reprocessed without losing material integrity.

Long-lasting performance
Mesh Track® has been around for more than 30 years. Whereas roads with a typical top layer need renovation every 5 year.

Fast and easy installation
Installing Mesh Track® requires less digging and is very easy to install. This leads to significant overall cost-savings.

Discover how it works in the following video or learn how to install Mesh Track®.

Working with Mesh Track® takes less time and is cheaper

€ 172,000
(VAT incl. )

10 weeks
(digging works and concrete curing incl. )

€ 142,000
(VAT incl. )

8 weeks
(digging works incl. )

€ 110,000
(VAT incl. )

4 weeks

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