Porous transport layers for electrochemical production of hydrogen and green molecules

At Bekaert, we believe that hydrogen is one of the most crucial solutions for the ecological challenges the world is facing. Experts foresee the demand for this clean energy carrier will avalanche in the next years. 

Electrochemical devices used in hydrogen production will play a crucial role as one of the solutions for the energy transition toward renewable energy sources. Technologies such as water electrolyzers, fuel cells, and redox flow batteries help enable widespread energy storage while coping with intermittent energy production. Both the cost and performance of these energy solutions have seen a tremendous improvement over the past decade.

At the heart of these devices is the so-called stack, where hydrogen will be generated. The key components of each electrolyzer stack include a membrane, a catalyst, a Porous Transport Layer, a Gas Diffusion Layer and a bipolar plate.

Metal fiber based Porous Transport Layers

Metal fiber media are excellent candidates as porous transport layer for any electrochemical device. These 3D structures are homogeneous and allow tuning in terms of pore size, surface area and permeability. Sintered metallic fibers are available in a wide range of porosities, thicknesses, pore sizes. The metal/alloy can be selected to match corrosion requirements.

Currento®, our porous transport layer, significantly contributes to an increased, more efficient and greener production of Hydrogen by:

  •  Making electrolysis more efficient: the microporosity of our products guarantee a highly efficient chemical reaction. This effectiveness and its high durability make that our products contribute to our clients’ Total Cost of Ownership
  •  Making production highly scalable: being a solid, globally active and well reputed industry partner, we are able to constantly scale our production to keep pace with our clients’ growth.
  •  Making innovation easier: we offer our expertise, experience and infrastructure to our clients and partners to add to their capabilities. Together we develop innovative solutions that will be the standard of tomorrow.