Brussels Airport, Brussels, Belgium

Project type:

  • Road


  • Asphalt pavement


  • Contractor: NV Mobilmat
  • Owner: The Brussels Airport Com

Airport runways need renovation at least every 30 years to assure safe take-off and landing. This project entails the renovation of seven runways at Brussels Airport.

Pierre Biesemans, Service Manager surface maintenance at The Brussels Airport Company talks about the project and his experience with Mesh Track® road reinforcement.

The challenge

"The concrete slabs were starting to show horizontal and vertical cracking started to crumble at the joints. As we needed to renovate all seven runways as quick as possible to support our busy air traffic there was no time to fully replace the slabs. What we needed was a durable, structural renovation.

The solution

"MeshTrack®  promises fast work and minimal traffic disruption. A team can place up to 10.000 m² of Mesh Track® per day. This fast work is in sharp contrast to traditional concrete surfacing which needs at least 28 days to harden properly.”

“Mobilmat also shared references that illustrated the durability of pavements that were renovated with Mesh Track®. Heavy-duty pavements were still operational after 10 to 15 years, with little to no renovation. We decided to renovate all seven of our runways with Mesh Track® . We remain until today very satisfied by this decision.”