Steel cord for tire reinforcement

Our steel cord products can reduce a tire’s weight and rolling resistance, helping you create sustainable tires. They offer longer tire life and improved adhesion at a lower cost. Bekaert is a trusted partner of steel cord solutions.  You can find our steel cord in nearly 1 in 3 tires worldwide.

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Variety of options

  • steel cord for tire reinforcement for passenger car, truck, off road tires, and more
  • Betru® tire cord which helps create longer lasting tires
  • Super-Tensile and Ultra-Tensile strength cords to reduce weight and fuel consumption
  • TAWI® increases adhesion and eliminates the need for cobalt inside the rubber compound and more customizable solutions are available

Sustainable options for better tires

Bekaert can help your production process, and your product, be more sustainable. Super-Tensile and Ultra-Tensile steel cord can lower ply weight and lower ply cost, while maintaining the same ply strength. TAWI® helps create a greener and longer lasting tire by placing cobalt in tire cord coating. TAWI® helps tire producers remove cobalt from their production process.

Guaranteed stable quality

You are guaranteed stable steel cord quality every day and everywhere. The design of our steel cord helps minimize potential process disturbances, so you can have a smooth production process. Bekaert can support your growth wherever you are based, and whatever your development plans.



  • Automotive
  • Corner
  • Exterior
  • Passenger car tires
  • Bus and truck tires
  • Earth mover, off the road
  • Industrial tires
  • Agricultural / farm tires
  • Agricultural & excavator tracks
  • Snowmobile tracks
  • Motor cycle tires


  • Meets the highest performance, safety, environment and cost criteria
  • Extends tire life
  • Enhanced wire-to-rubber adhesion for higher safety
  • Lower costs, lower weight and higher fuel savings


Shape Cord - rope - strand
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Brass