Benefiting from our in-house capabilities

Bekaert Engineering designs, manufactures, installs and services equipment for our production plants all over the world in close cooperation with internal stakeholders and external partners (the engineering eco-system). As such, it plays a key role in optimizing and standardizing our production processes.

By having an in-house engineering department, we enable our R&D teams to innovate and collaborate on future technologies: product innovations often go hand in hand with the processes that are needed to manufacture them. 

At the same time, we follow industry developments closely and bring in knowledge from outside to strengthen our capabilities. As we constantly scan the market for new technologies and trends, we investigate whether partnerships can help us to equip our plants with the cutting-edge machines we require to manufacture high-end products for our customers.

The decision to make, buy or integrate machinery depends on various factors, but the goal is always to achieve performance improvements in quality, excellence, safety, sustainability and cost efficiency. 

Global presence

Our teams are located in Europe (Belgium, and Slovakia and Turkey), Asia (China and India), North America (US) and Latin America (Brazil).

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Because the engineering department understands Bekaert’s technology needs, is highly flexible and  sets priorities in line with business expectations, we can react quickly to capacity adjustment needs. And we can do this anywhere because Bekaert Engineering has entities in the various regions to ensure optimal and speedy support for the production facilities. 

We automate our equipment to ensure operators can use their time in the best way and are not burdened by repetitive or time-consuming tasks that add little value.

Combined with our Manufacturing Execution System, this optimizes productivity to the fullest on the shopfloor.

Additionally, advanced use of sensors and measuring tools take Bekaert’s product quality testing to higher levels in all critical process stages and guarantee fault-free products for our customers. 


Engineers around the world


Teams near our production sites