Be a force for equity, diversity and safety

We create a diverse, inclusive and safe environment for our employees and make a positive difference in the communities where we operate.

We aim to be a force for equity and opportunity for all individuals.

Our goals that put people first

We focus our goals on working conditions, inclusion, diversity and community relations. We are committed to achieving these targets by 2030.


No harm to anyone


Female representation in our administrative and managerial workforce


Commitment to create a positive work environment for all our employees


Commitment to actively engage with communities on priority sustainability themes

We don’t wait for things to happen. We are deliberate and work “better together” to create positive outcomes.

From the very beginning, Bekaert has put people first; our employees, the customers we serve and communities around us. “Put people first” is about the social impact of our practices. It is about empowering every individual we touch in our company and communities and setting them up for success. 

BeCare: no harm to anyone @Bekaert

We believe all injuries can be prevented. Our “no harm to anyone” approach puts the safety and health of everyone at Bekaert at the heart of everything we do. BeCare is our global program that guides us on this journey. It focuses on increasing risk awareness and building strong SH&E leadership, steering an interdependent safety culture. We are committed to continuously creating a safe and healthy work environment for our people.  

Inclusion and Diversity

We are committed to an inclusive workplace that represents many different cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints. An environment where everyone can unlock their full potential and be themselves, no matter the differences. We believe that diversity enriches our culture, and seeds innovation and creativity. It is a must for building a better future for everyone.

We work hard together to foster an environment where everyone can be their authentic self with opportunity for all to learn, grow, and thrive.  

We use structures and hiring practices that ensure opportunities throughout Bekaert.


Our teams in more than 40 countries support their neighborhoods in the best way to make a positive impact. We focus on helping communities to thrive and grow. Our activities target improvement programs that enhance education, social conditions, and the environment, particularly in the communities where we are active.

Sustainability in action

My role as digital technology partner for our colleagues

The Advanced Digital Solutions Team is one of the important players in integrating advanced technologies into everyday situations. Meet Priti, Jaro and Yufeng.

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Meet the women shaping the way we live and move

On International Women's Day 2023, we asked Karen and Luisa how they are pushing boundaries and shaping the way we live and move - safe, smart, sustainable.

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Not going with the flow - Bekaert takes action in river clean-up

We aim to support local communities and nieghborhoods in the best way to make a positive impact. It is not enough just to go with the flow. So, we partnered with River Cleanup in 2022.

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Amplifying the voices of women

When it comes to creating a better tomorrow, as our sustainability ambition goes, we mean a better tomorrow for everyone.

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Be safe, travel smart

Road safety is a key safety theme for Bekaert. Each September Bekaert organizes a global Health and Safety Week for all employees. In 2022, we focused on this important topic.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global agenda of the most pressing challenges facing Earth.

Our priorities to “Put people first” contribute to the UN goals for good health and well-being, gender equality and decent work and economic growth.

Protect the planet

We offer products and solutions that embed sustainable practices across their lifecycle and our value chain.

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Act with integrity

We embed transparency and accountability in our collaborative business practices.

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