Bekaert's Beyond Compass

We use the simple analogy of a compass as our guide to stay on course and move forward together towards our common goal.

Bekaert’s Beyond Compass brings together the elements of leading with a purpose in the context of both our strategy and our culture.

Our strategy compass aligns towards our purpose and ambition to make a positive difference for our stakeholders. It clarifies our field of play where our unique strengths are most valuable, and it confirms the facets of our strategy to create successful outcomes for all.

Driven by future possibilities

Our ambition is to be the leading partner for shaping the way we live and move. And to always do this the Bekaert Way – safe, smart, sustainable. 

It is anchored in our past and gives space to create new opportunities in the future. 

Building on our heritage

We are a global market and technology leader in our field of material science and engineering. We continually build on our heritage to strengthen our core competencies in steel wire transformation and coating technologies.

At the same time, we apply our expertise beyond steel to create new solutions with innovative materials and services for markets including automotive, construction and (green) energy.

Creating value for all

All our stakeholders have an interest in what we do - based on the benefits from the outcomes of our actions. This interdependency strengthens collaboration and helps build trust among those who do business with us now and in the future.

Our strategy has three facets to create outcomes for long-term positive progress: 

We perform to excel in all our current business activities.

We bring digital solutions, innovation, and sustainability to transform our field of play and how we work. 

We grow organically and through acquisitions and grow ourselves to grow Bekaert.

Our culture compass guides us to be an employer of choice for our team members and the leading partner for our other stakeholders. It is focused on what we believe matters most to put people first; ensuring no harm to anyone, nurturing people engagement, enabling talent growth and creating an inclusive environment where diversity flourishes.

Always better together

At the heart of our culture, and uniting us as one team, is the belief we are always better together. 

It is part of how we work among our teams and with others. This is so integrated in our culture that we often hear it is part of what makes Bekaert unique as a company, employer and partner. 

Unlock our full potential

Our leadership principles are behaviors practiced by every member of our team. We want everyone to unlock their full potential to help us collectively grow the business, inspire and engage others and deliver results to achieve our ambition. 

Our values of integrity, trust, agility and boldness

Our values are the foundation of our culture and way of working. Integrity and trust have always been at the heart of all our relationships. They are complemented by agility and boldness as we believe mastering these is vital for our future.


We are authentic, honest, and respectful. We protect the planet and care for our employees and communities. We always do what is right and speak up if we see something wrong.


We believe in the ability, reliability, and strength of our colleagues, customers, and partners. We build relationships with mutual understanding, openness and respect.


We embrace change and adapt with speed, enthusiasm, and resilience. We keep it simple and effective with the customer at the center of our decision-making.


We are curious, creative, and courageous. We think outside the box to establish the new possible. We empower each other to try new things and accept that learning from failure is part of daring to go beyond. We take ownership, make decisions and take action.