Step 1: Application Submission

Surf the database of all the exciting vacancies worldwide in Bekaert. Create an account in our talent community to submit your application for any of our vacancies. This also allows you to stay connected to our latest career news and events.

Step 2: Screening and Pre-Selection

Our Talent Acquisition team runs a first screening of all applicants based on:  

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Suitability for the job 
  • Compatibilty with our company culture.

Your resume guides us to make the first selection and is therefore key in your application process. Make sure it looks good and includes all relevant details of your educational and professional experience. 

At this stage, one of our talent acquisition specialists might contact you to organize a virtual interview. Thishelps us to narrow down our list of final candidates who will move to the next phase. 

Step 3: Candidate Interview

You made it to here? You’re already one step closer to becoming part of the Bekaert family! 

We will invite you to attend personal interviews. The main focus is getting to know you better and giving you the chance to find out more aboutBekaert, the job, and your potential colleagues. Cultural fit as well as job fit are the two main lenses through which we evaluate our future colleagues. 

Be prepared to discuss topics such as your 

  • skills 
  • abilities
  • accomplishments
  • developmental interests
  • goals 
  • salary expectations 

Explore our website and bring your questions to the interview. This is a great opportunity for an interesting 2-way conversation!

We always prefer to meet you in person. If this is not possible, we will explore other ways, such as video interview.

Depending on the competencies related to the role, we might use additional assessment tools, such as an interview with an assessment center, tests and/or questionnaires.

Step 4: Offer

Congratulations! Reaching step 4 means we think you’re the perfect fit for the job! Our talent acquisition specialist will get in touch to present the terms and conditions.  

Depending on the nature of the job and the location, we may require an additional background check, medical examination, or other requirements.  

Shortly after you sign the offer, our onboarding team will walk you through the next steps of the process until your first day with Bekaert. 

Not selected? Give it another chance!

The whole application process can last from 1 week to several months, depending on the complexities of the role and many other factors. If you are not selected, please do not be discouraged. Not getting a role can often be a matter of timing, rather than a reflection of your skills or qualifications. Keep checking the updates from our talent community and apply again if you see other career opportunities at Bekaert that trigger your interest!