Products and Applications


Developing durable and easy-to-install solutions with a focus on better materials, greater safety, stronger constructions and lower cost is the ambition we share with the building sector. Our solid reputation is built on proven technologies and smart designs.

Did you know

  • Every year, 10 million m³ concrete is being reinforced with Dramix® steel fibers invented by Bekaert.

  • More than 1 in 3 square meters industrial floors in Europe is reinforced with steel fiber reinforced concrete.

  • 1 cubic metre of concrete contains an average of 5 km wire.

Tire & Automotive

Consistently developing steel wire products that meet the highest quality standards has made us a strong partner of the automotive industry. Customers engage and co-create with us in our common quest for solutions that address ecological, safety and performance trends.

Did you know

  • One out of three tires around the world is reinforced with Bekaert tire cord.

  • Thanks to the technology of coated high carbon flat spring wire a next generation window wiper was developed based on 6 parts instead of 23 parts with 50% weight reduction and better aerodynamic behavior.

Energy & Utilities

When your business involves onshore or offshore oil extraction, gas mining, power transmission, solar energy or telecommunications, Bekaert can contribute to sustainable, safe, high-performance and cost-efficient operations.

Energy & Utilities

  • Sawing wire can be delivered on spools of up to 1 200 km without any weld.

  • We transform a 4 meter piece of wire rod to a fiber that spans all around the world.


We share the expertise and passion to facilitate an equitable contribution in machine design and equipment maintenance. At Bekaert, we build our own core machinery, so we know exactly what it takes to make high-performance, safe, and durable

Did you know?

  • Worldwide 1 out of 2 PU timing belts are reinforced with Bekaert fine steel cords.

Consumer goods

Consumer goods require increasingly higher standards for quality, ecology and comfort. The demand for more advanced steel wire products evolves accordingly. Often unknown, but always there - our solutions are a part of the products we all use every day.

Did you know

  • Bekaert offers its customers a range of bookbinding wires, including Ecobind®, an eco-friendly alternative for plastic spirals.

  • Every year over 1 billion bottles of sparkling wine are opened via the muselet made of Bekaert wires.


Fencing, guiding, and tensioning solutions combine our product and service offering to the agricultural sector, while our heavy-duty steel ropes are used in fishery and forestry. The story of Bekaert started in 1880 with barbed wire and has continuously grown from these roots.


  • Across the agricultural sector, Bekaert provides innovative solutions that make day-to-day work easier.


Basic materials

Many Bekaert products are used in exploring and processing raw materials, from coal and metals, to pulp and paper, to chemicals and gas. Whether you are active in the mining industry, in recycling or in filtration, we are committed to serving your needs.


Basic materials

  • From 1m wire of 1 cm diameter we can produce 1000 km fibres of 10 µm.

  • The strongest conveyor belt in the world is reinforced with Bekaert steel cord and has an actual breaking strength of 7800 N/mm.

About Bekaert

Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies.

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    A truly global company with headquarters in Belgium, founded in 1880.
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    More than 27 000 employees dedicated to delivering superior value to customers in over 120 countries.
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    We co-create with you to develop the right solution at the lowest total cost.
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    We believe in the value of strong and sustainable partnerships.
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    Our R&D activities are aimed at creating value for our customers.
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    Bekaert develops products and processes that contribute to a cleaner environment.

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