Going beyond our own boundaries

Steel wire transformation is where we historically come from but we continuously expand our core competencies to become a materials solution provider.

Innovative materials solutions 

Our starting point is our customer's specific needs, and the challenges facing their industry and society as a whole. Taking all these elements into account, we will look for the materials that will bring the best value in terms of sustainability, strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, conductivity, flexibility, permeability, TCO, and many more. The materials you will mainly find in our solutions today are steel, copper, synthetics, polymers,... But we always seek to go beyond our own boundaries, to keep on searching and developing to reach the best possible solution. 

Tuning of surface properties 

We also have a wide range of experience and know-how of techniques to change the surface properties of substrates. In doing so, we enhance their physical, electrical, mechanical and/or chemical properties. We use a variety of coating technologies and also master other techniques, such as plasma activation

Innovative business models 

Delivering a product to our customers is one thing. But we want to think and accompany them further than that. Digital transformation allows us to bring solutions in terms of:  

  • Monitoring & services 
  • Circularity and sustainability enabling business models 

Why innovate with us?

Starting an innovation path requires strength, energy, and close collaboration.

Hence the importance of selecting the right partner. Below are just a few reasons why you may want to partner with us.


Shaping the way we live and move for today and tomorrow means that we always think about the environmental impact of what we do. Sustainability therefore plays a central role in every innovation project we work on. We take into consideration the resources that are necessary to produce our solutions, their resistance over time, how they sustainably contribute to the end products they are integrated into, and their ability to be part of a circular business model.

Market diversity

No matter where you are in the world, you are never too far from Bekaert technology. Our products are in everyday items, such as champagne cork wire, brassiere wire, bookbinding wire, medical spring wire, car tires... but also in elevators, bridges, electrical vehicles, and complex concrete structures. Also, in the energy sector we have an important role to play: floating offshore wind, hydrogen... This broad knowledge and exceptional versatility allow us to consider cross fertilization: bringing innovations that were thought of and developed for one market into another one. 

Global with local approach

We are a global multinational, but our plants and commercial presence worldwide allow us to offer a local approach. This is essential to truly understand the specific challenges our customers are faced with. We work as close to them as possible to best understand their needs and find innovative answers. 

Scaling capabilities

Thanks to our global footprint, any innovation brought to a customer in one corner of the world can easily be replicated elsewhere. We constantly align our production platform to customer demand and market trends.