The Bekaert Strategy

Our Strategy

Our ambition is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders: for our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities where we are active.

  • Customer and supplier shake handsWe make our customers succeed, through our differentiated solutions and service offering, and by being a partner of choice in innovative developments and in product & service supplies.
  • Employees laughing and talkingWe are truly better together: we have an engaged and experienced workforce and a culture of accountability, performance and pride. This is part of our DNA.  With the same spirit, we work better together with our customers, suppliers, the communities where we are active, and all stakeholders.
  • Employees celebrate their good performance with a high fiveWe commit to high performance. We deliver on priorities and we are raising our ambitions for the future, so we create sustainable value creation for all our stakeholder.
  • Hands holding a globeWe care for the world around us. We are raising our ambitions and are shaping our strategy for the longer term – both in terms of sustainable production processes, and in offering sustainable solutions to the markets we serve.