Our shareholders

We commit to high performance

High performance allows us to return shareholder value to the investors, who enable us to develop and grow our business.

Communicating with our shareholders and investors

Bekaert strives to provide timely and accurate information on the company’s strategy, performance and outlook to all stakeholders in the investment communities. We provide information on the progress we make during all meetings with investors. 

Our meetings include live and virtual roadshows and conferences, webcasts, Capital Markets events, and the General Meetings of Shareholders. 

Bekaert’s disclosures cover both financial and non-financial performance as well as market and strategic updates.

As an investor, analyst or shareholder, you can count on the Bekaert investor relations team to answer your questions should you wish to discuss Bekaert’s investment case.

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Shareholder structure

Both private and institutional investors benefit from our sustained commitment to transparant reporting (overview of transparency disclosures), be it a shareholders' or analysts' meeting. As a consequence, our shareholders have become more and more international.