Latin America

In Latin America, Bekaert manufactures an extensive product portfolio to serve construction, mining, agriculture and a wide range of industrial and consumer markets across the region. Bekaert has wholly owned and majority owned subsidiaries in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Brazil and also runs joint ventures in Brazil in a 45/55 partnership with ArcelorMittal. 

Bekaert’s activities in Latin America go back to 1950. Today, they represent 35% of combined sales. They include partnerships with ArcelorMittal, with the Ecuadorian partners (represented by members of the Kohn family) and those within the partnership in Chile and Peru (represented by members of the families Matetic, Conrads and Gallofré). At the end of 2014, Bekaert employed over 8000 people in the region.

In 2014,

  • Bekaert acquired, through its Bekaert Ideal Holding, the majority of the shares (73%) of the ArcelorMittal steel wire plant in Costa Rica (renamed BIA Alambres Costa Rica SA) and established the same shareholding structure in the new Dramix® plant in Costa Rica (Bekaert Costa Rica SA) and in Bekaert’s steel wire entity in Ecuador (Ideal Alambrec SA). 
  • Bekaert also acquired the remaining shares of the Cimaf ropes plant which was renamed Bekaert Cimaf Cabos.
  • Bekaert created the Bekaert Rope Group with its Chilean partners. This 65/35 partnership includes the ropes entities in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Canada, the US, and Australia.
  • Bekaert acquired all steel cord plants of Pirelli, among which the production plant in Sumaré, Brazil.


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