Murfor® Compact: discover the difference

Easier to use

Cut the masonry reinforcement to size with ordinary wire cutters. No need to use a grinder. Accurate, easy, and fast.


A thirty-metre roll of Murfor® Compact weighs no more than three kilograms, which is three times lighter than conventional masonry reinforcement. Making it even easier to transport, lift, and install.


These lightweight, compact rolls are even safer than their predecessors. They are safe to lift up and carry on a ladder and can be rolled out and installed very easily.

Less material

A single roll of Murfor® Compact can reinforce thirty metres of masonry, reducing the need for overlaps by up to ten times compared to conventional reinforcement. This means you will use less material.

Less waste

The reinforcement can be cut to the required length on site. This avoids unnecessary waste, and the remains of the roll can be used for the next job.

Murfor® Compact: reinforcement on a roll for interior and exterior masonry

For interior masonry - the red version

Murfor® Compact I is made of galvanised steel and designed for interior masonry work in a dry environment. Available in two widths: 50 mm and 100 m.

For exterior masonry - the blue version

Murfor® Compact E is made of stainless steel and is designed for exterior masonry in a wet environment. Available in two widths: 35 mm and 70 mm.

Want more information about applications, technical properties, and installation?

To find out about the different applications of Murfor® Compact,see all the possibilities for indoor and outdoor masonry. see all the possibilities for indoor and outdoor masonry. To find out more about the technical properties of Murfor® Compact and how to install this strong and compact reinforcement for interior and exterior masonry, download the technical info about Murfor® Compact I and Murfor® Compact E.

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