How can Beki-shield® metal fibers help you to reach the best EMI shielding effectiveness in the market?

EMI shielding plastics are, especially in the automotive industry, crucial to reduce weight while still maintaining high shielding effectiveness (SE) in the near and far field. The Beki-shield® metal fibers will provide you SE levels above 80 dB ensuring the proper functioning of your electronic components (e.g.: Power electronics, sensors, LIDAR, ADAS).

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Metal fiber technology is on the rise in many industrial applications. Yet few are aware of the full potential and benefits metal fibers can bring for EMI shielding, ESD protection and metal replacements.

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  • How can Beki-shield® improve electrostatic discharging (ESD) protection?
  • Does Beki-shield® metal fibers damage my processing equipment?
  • Can Beki-shield® be combined with colors? 

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