Wheel Weight Wire

Bekaert wheel weight wire is a cold-rolled steel profile used to balance tires. Steel is the preferred eco-friendly alternative to lead. It is cheaper than aluminum and about 10% more dense than zinc. This pre-formed profile accommodates either clip-ons or adhesive tape.

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Wheel weights are a critical part of a wheel and tire assembly because they keep wheels and tires balanced. An unbalanced tire can lead to vibration causing excessive wear on tires, suspension, bearings and shocks.

With wheel weights, vehicles can save fuel, improve safety and preserve part life span. At Bekaert, our steel wheel weight wire ensures your wheel and tire assemblies are balanced for the long term. Call our team at +1 330-683-5060 to get started!

Steel Weight Wire vs. Lead and Zinc

In the automotive industry, wheel weights are important to any vehicle for driver comfort, but manufacturers often question which material is better? While lead is a traditional material for wheel weights, this metal is toxic and not preferred. Manufacturers often consider steel and zinc as replacements. At Bekaert, we know that steel is the superior metal for wheel weight wire.

Steel has several benefits, including:

Cost: Steel is one of the most cost-effective metal options, making it the economical choice for many operations.

Recyclability: Steel products can be recycled, making them a valuable part of a circular economy and an excellent option for companies supporting green initiatives.

Corrosion resistance: Vehicles drive through all types of weather, and properly coated steel is ready to handle moisture, dirt and grime without rusting or corroding.

Steel wheel weight wire is strong, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. With steel wheel weights, vehicle tires will remain balanced and offer a smooth ride.

Advantages of Wheel Weight Wire

At Bekaert, we're steel manufacturing and coating experts. When you trust us to create steel wheel weights, you can enjoy all of the benefits of the metal, from recyclability to precision balance.

One of the essential factors of steel balance weight wire is the fit. Our engineers work with your team to understand your wheel rim specifications and create wheel weight profiles with the right fit for your customer’s wheels. 

Bekaert offers various order quantities and packaging options.

Why Choose Bekaert for Wheel Balance Weight Wires?

Bekaert is a manufacturer you can trust. Our co-development process, paired with our well-equipped plant and trained technicians, ensures your parts meet your standards every time you order. We operate around-the-clock to ensure we can fulfill your requirements. Our experience in this industry prepares us for any new application you send our way.

We work with our customers throughout every project phase, from product development to order quantities and shipping needs. With our testing procedures, we provide excellent quality assurance for every part we produce. 

Partner with Bekaert for your wheel weight manufacturing needs. Contact us today to request more information. 





  • Produce wheel weights easier at a lower cost
  • Less post-processing
  • Lead-free: an eco-friendly alternative
  • Accommodates clip-ons and adhesive strip weights


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Complex
Number of Wires 1