Bead wire for tires

Bekaert ‘s bead wire is a hard drawn, high carbon steel wire available in a range of wire diameters , tensile strengths and shapes. Depending on the tire or bead assembling process Bekaert offers several types of bead bundle structures including single, square, hexagonal or cabled bead rings. Round bead wire is available in regular, high, and super tensile strength.

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Choose your shape and strength

The high tensile strength and excellent elongation of our bead wire contributes to smooth processability as well as to the safety, strength and durability of the tires. To ensure good adhesion to the rubber compound, the wire can be further customized by applying either classic bronze or a special brass coating.

Quality assured

The global recognition and certification of Bekaert bead wire is supported by a strong quality management system.  Our customers are provided with a high quality and stable bead wire on spools or coils that allow them to produce bead bundles that meet their existing specifications or support new developments.



  • Automotive
  • Exterior
  • Corner
  • Industrial tires
  • Agricultural/farm tires
  • Agricultural & excavator tracks
  • Snowmobile tracks
  • Motor cycle tires
  • Passenger car tires
  • Bus and truck tires
  • Earthmover, off the road


  • Customizable properties
  • Long-time reliability
  • Global footprint with a high service level
  • Special packaging to enable smooth processing


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Brass, Bronze