Cable and hose braiding wire

Our cable and hose braiding wire contributes to a strong yet flexible sheath that cannot be cut or crushed. To provide optimal protection in harsh environments, the wires resist corrosive agents and extreme temperatures. The coating holds strong, so there is less flaking during the braiding process, reducing your time spent cleaning.

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The flexible protection

These wires have a thin diameter which allows them to be braided tightly together. They have enough strength to protect the cable or hose against damage caused by tools, rodents or other sharp objects. They maintain their flexibility while staying strong.

The optimal choice for a strong sleeve

Bekaert offers a wide range of fine galvanized steel wires to armor flexible cables and hoses. Their consistent tensile strength and high impact resistance provide excellent reinforcement against high internal and external pressures.

Meeting your product and production requirements

Wires for cable and hose sleeves need to allow a smooth braiding process. Bekaert’s galvanized, braiding wire features a high coating adhesion that causes less flaking during the braiding process. This means your machines can keep producing without needing regular cleaning.





  • Smooth braiding process
  • Provides durable protection
  • Cut-crush-puncture resistant
  • Corrosion and high temperature resistant


Bulk Material C-steel, Stainless steel
Shape Wire
Coating None, Zinc, Other polymer