Bekaert accelerates energy transition with new technology


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Bekaert is proud to announce the development of their new hydrogen burner for use in gas-fired boilers, the first of its kind. This development enables heating with zero carbon emissions. This burner innovation is an important factor to creating boilers that can run on hydrogen. Pierre Bartholomeus, Marketing & Sales Director at Bekaert explains: “this burner is the evolutionary solution to replace natural gas boilers when a hydrogen network is available. The hydrogen boiler is the best drop-in technology for the decarbonization of heating.”

The government decision to reduce production and use of natural gas in the Netherlands has accelerated the Dutch energy transition and the need to search for other sustainable solutions. Bekaert is a pioneer in heating solutions all over the world and proud to accelerate the transition in the heating landscape and the future of zero emissions boilers.

Bekaert is the global market leader in developing and producing environmentally friendly burners and heat exchangers. We have a history of innovations in the heating industry. In 1989, we were the first to produce premix gas burners used in condensing combi-boilers. Ten years later, the innovative metal fiber Bekinit® was introduced as the first flexible surface combustion material. Both burner technologies are still widely used in the industry today.

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