Bekaert: Annual results 2010


Press release

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Please find attached a press release concerning the annual results 2010 of Bekaert.



Bekaert's strategy, with its focus on innovation, operational excellence and growth markets proved successful in 2010. Bekaert was able to respond fast to the opportunities that arose wherever a recovery from the global economic crisis set in or where markets grew substantially. The company brought into effect several capacity increase investments, thereby meeting the strong demand for high-end products in sectors with vigorous growth throughout 2010.

 - Consolidated sales of € 3.3 billion and combined sales of € 4.5 billion (both 34% up versus 2009)
 -  EBIT of € 534 million compared with € 232 million or a margin on sales of 16.4% compared with 9.5%
 -  EBITDA of € 725 million compared with € 386 million or a margin on sales of 22.2% versus 15.8%
 - EPS: € 6.21 compared with € 2.56



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