Bekaert invests further in electrolysis technologies for green hydrogen production


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Bekaert invests further in electrolysis technologies for green hydrogen production

Driven by the opportunities arising from the energy transition and decarbonization trends, Bekaert has established a clear growth strategy in green hydrogen production.

As part of this strategy, today Bekaert announces an equity investment of 5 million USD in Ionomr Innovations. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Ionomr Innovations is a leader in the development and commercialization of advanced proton- and anion exchange membranes in electrolyzers for green hydrogen production. There has been extensive collaboration between both companies, primarily focused on the development of AEM electrolyzer components.

Ionomr Innovations is backed by a number of important investors including Shell, Chevron, Samsung, Asahi Kasei, several other industrial groups and venture capitalist investors. The equity investment by Bekaert will support the further expansion of Ionomr’s R&D capabilities in Rochester, US and the development of production capacity to serve Ionomr’s customers.

Bekaert has established a technology and market leadership position in porous transport layers for both PEM and AEM electrolyzers with the brandname Currento®. The company has invested in the development of next generations of innovative solutions for green hydrogen production, and is expanding its production to multiple GW capacity.

“Bekaert is committed to developing green and sustainable solutions for customers, with a particular focus on improving the performance of key components necessary for the electrolysis needs of the future”, said Inge Schildermans, SVP Energy Transition at Bekaert. “We want to contribute to accelerating the innovation and scale-up of advanced solutions in our ecosystem. This will make the vision of a global hydrogen economy a near-term reality, and we see Ionomr Innovations as a key contributor to that reality.”

“We are delighted to welcome Bekaert to our consortium of strategic investors,” said Bill Haberlin, CEO of Ionomr Innovations. “Bekaert’s leadership in hydrogen components’ development and commitment to the advancement of green hydrogen aligns with Ionomr’s own vision to decarbonize the planet with radical advancements in hydrogen materials development. We are in good company on the path to a more affordable green hydrogen economy.”