Bekaert invests in game-changing underground transport project


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Along with other major investors, Bekaert has invested in Cargo Sous Terrain (CST), a complete logistics system for the flexible transport of goods in Switzerland. As a shareholder and as technology advisor, Bekaert will contribute valuable technical expertise in concrete tunnel reinforcement and elevator solutions.

The CST project aims at bringing most of the Swiss cargo transportation underground through tunnels that connect production and logistics sites with urban centers. Overground, CST plans the distribution of goods to their final destination in environmentally-friendly vehicles. The system targets a significant reduction of overground traffic and the related noise and exhaust emissions.

Bekaert supports this game-changing project by investing capital and by offering technical advice on the concrete reinforcement and elevator traction solutions that will help realize the project.

Dieter Hansel, General Manager Bekaert Underground Solutions and board member of CST: “Innovation in construction technologies is part of Bekaert’s DNA, so joining CST is closely aligned with our expertise, values and culture. CST will set the new global benchmark for sustainable cargo logistics. Bekaert is proud of being part of the solution in this project that combines sustainability ambitions, digitalized operations, and safe and durable tunnel construction and elevator solutions.”

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