Bekaert joins Solar Impulse Foundation as a partner to advance sustainability efforts

Bekaert announced today that it has become a partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation, a key non-profit foundation established by Bertrand Piccard, dedicated to promoting sustainable and profitable solutions.

By joining forces with Solar Impulse Foundation, Bekaert is taking another step forward in its commitment to make a positive impact with sustainable solutions in the space of mobility, energy transition and low carbon construction. It will give access to valuable resources and expertise in sustainability, as well as to collaborate with other like-minded organizations in the fight against climate change. 

‘We are thrilled to join forces with the Solar Impulse Foundation and to contribute to its important mission of creating a more sustainable world with profitable solutions,’ said CEO Oswald Schmid. ‘At Bekaert, we recognize that the well-being of our planet and our communities is essential to our long-term success, and we are committed to doing our part in developing solutions that both work to minimize our impact and help customers and end-users to minimize theirs. We share the mutual belief that solving climate change is a necessity and a great opportunity’.

Bekaert will work closely with the Solar Impulse Foundation to further develop sustainability opportunities: scouting for new sustainable solutions, scaling current sustainable solutions, and improving sustainability of internal operations. Bekaert will also participate in the Solar Impulse Foundation's programs and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices across industries and communities. 

‘In recognition of our long-standing commitment in delivering profitable and sustainable solutions, we’re proud to share that our Dramix® steel fiber for low-carbon concrete reinforcement is the first Bekaert solution to receive the Solar Impulse Foundation Label,” said Ann Francoise Versele, VP Sustainability.  The Solar Impulse Foundation Label is granted to the solutions that show excellence in both business and sustainable benchmarks. The label is audited by Ernst and Young and is valid for three years. 

'We are delighted to welcome Bekaert to our network of partners,’ said Bertrand Piccard. ‘Our partnership with Bekaert indicates how much this company values the importance of investing in sustainability through all the sectors, from construction, mobility, energy, agriculture to consumer goods. Their vision matches that of ours at the Solar Impulse Foundation by seeking to go beyond traditional ways of thinking and changing the paradigm. In so doing, they will be able to lead by example with a portfolio full of impactful, sustainable, and profitable solutions.’

Read more about the partnership of Bekaert and SIF on our dedicated partner page: Bekaert (