Bekaert publishes its Integrated Annual Report


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Bekaert publishes its Integrated Annual Report

Bekaert’s Integrated Annual Report 2023 provides material information on Bekaert for the year ending 31 December 2023. It offers a comprehensive view on how we create value for our stakeholders through the progress we make on financial and non-financial performance indicators.

The report is produced in accordance with IFRS and GRI standards, the obligations applicable to issuers of financial instruments admitted for trading on a regulated market, and guidelines of the Non-Financial (NFRD) and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

While CSRD will take effect as of fiscal year 2024, we have already adopted some new disclosure standards in this 2023 report, such as the Double Materiality assessment and the update of several key performance indicators in accordance with the definitions included in the European Sustainable Reporting Standards. Moreover, we have further extended the scope of third-party assurance.

Our approach puts the value and impact we create, as a company, in a broader perspective:
beyond reporting, beyond financials, beyond tomorrow.

The report is available in English and Dutch.

The full report can be accessed here: