Bekaert Recycled Content Standard sets the benchmark for transparency in steel circularity


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Bekaert Recycled Content Standard sets the benchmark for transparency in steel circularity

There is strong demand from Bekaert’s customers to increase recycled content in the context of a circular economy. To avoid greenwashing and to establish a credible chain of custody model, Bekaert defined a set of clear rules for calculation and reporting of recycled content, to be externally audited and certified by an independent certification body.

Establishing this model and validating it through the third-party audit at Bekaert's Industrias del Ubierna SA (Ubisa) plant in Burgos (Spain), demonstrates the company's commitment to scaling recycled content and reaffirms its position as an innovative leader in sustainable solutions.

Reinforcing its sustainability ambition of creating a better tomorrow, Bekaert is already supplying third-party certified recycled steel tire reinforcement that has a minimum recycled content of 50 percent for tire cord and 70 percent for bead wire.

By successfully implementing the standard within its own operations, Bekaert paves the way for wider adoption across the industry.

Bekaert recycled content standard for steel wire products

  • Cradle to Gate Transparency: Bekaert's recycled content standard, complementing the lifecycle assessment (LCA), offers transparent guidelines for identifying and tracking recycled scrap content. This approach is particularly relevant to the steel making process. Thanks to this transparency, companies can take steps to increase the recycled content of their products, addressing the industry’s growing demand for circularity and sustainability.
  • Alignment with applicable industry standards: The requirements for the Bekaert standard follow the definitions from ISO 14021 and ISO 22095.
  • Guarantee of physical content: Based on the high level of chain of custody the recycled content in the physical product is guaranteed, thus safeguarding against greenwashing claims.
  • Industry standard: Bekaert’s recycled content standard establishes a benchmark for transparency within the industry and is readily available as a reference for any party that wishes to provide or purchase steel wire products with guaranteed recycled content.

"Bekaert’s recycled content standard is much more than just a certification; it's a commitment to support a broader circularity ambition. By implementing this standard within our own operations, we encourage others in the supply chain to refer to this standard as the basis for recycled content claims." - Heiko Isselee, Bekaert Innovation Platform Manager Recycled Steel

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