Bekaert to achieve 100% renewable power supply in the United States


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Bekaert to achieve 100% renewable power supply in the United States
Bekaert enters into a 28 MW Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) with Origis Energy. With this new agreement, Bekaert will offset all carbon emissions from its electric energy consumption in the US by 2025.

In line with the company’s sustainability ambition to reach Carbon Net Zero, Bekaert takes action to continuously decrease its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by improving the energy efficiency and by increasing the proportion of energy supply from renewable sources.

Investing in renewable energy sources
Through the investment in new renewable energy projects, Bekaert enables the addition of green energy capacity and increases the proportion of its renewable energy supply. Bekaert has now signed a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) with Origis Energy to source electricity from a 27.7 MW solar farm in Texas, US. Origis Energy, a major solar developer based in Miami, Florida, will develop, construct, and operate the solar facility. The solar farm is projected to be operational by year-end 2024.

This is Bekaert’s second VPPA in the United States, adding to the 35 MW VPPA signed in 2019. These two renewable energy facilities are expected to fully offset all carbon emissions from electricity used by Bekaert’s operations in the United States, representing a major step towards Bekaert’s Carbon Net Zero ambition.

We are making significant progress in delivering on our sustainability strategy,” says Oswald Schmid, CEO. “This includes transformational improvements of the business portfolio, a clear step-up of our health & safety performance, the active engagement of our employees and business partners across the supply chain, the responsible use of materials and energy, and much more. By actively investing in renewable energy facilities, we contribute to expanding the capacity, reaching our emission reduction targets, and accelerating the energy transition required to reduce climate change and its impact.”