Disposal of own shares by Bekaert


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Disposal of own shares by Bekaert
Publication in accordance with Article 8:6, § 1 of the Royal Decree of 29 April 2019 implementing the Code on Companies and Associations


NV Bekaert SA ("Bekaert") disposed of 2 100 own shares outside the stock exchange.

Date Number of shares Purpose Price (€)
1 October 2021 2 100 Exercise stock options SOP 2010-2014 26.055

Reference is also made to the press release of 8 October 2021 related to the sale and purchase of shares in the context of the liquidity agreement entered into with Kepler Cheuvreux, which can be found at https://www.bekaert.com/en/about-us/news-room.  

On 6 October 2021 after closing of the market, Bekaert owns 3 250 629 own shares out of 60 446 061 issued shares (or 5.38 % of all outstanding shares).