Disposal of own shares by Bekaert


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Disposal of own shares by Bekaert
Publication in accordance with Article 8:6, § 1 of the Royal Decree of 29 April 2019 implementing the Code on Companies and Associations

NV Bekaert SA ("Bekaert") disposed of 258 260 own shares outside the stock exchange.

Date Number of shares Purpose Price (€)
15 March 2022 1 500 Exercise stock options SOP 2015-2017 26.375
15 March 2022 256 760 Vesting of performance share units under Bekaert Performance Share Plan 0

Reference is also made to the press release of 18 March 2022 related to the sale and purchase of shares in the context of the liquidity agreement entered into with Kepler Cheuvreux, which can be found at https://www.bekaert.com/en/about-us/news-room

On 16 March 2022 after closing of the market, Bekaert owns 2 899 717 own shares out of 60 452 261 issued shares (or 4.80 % of all outstanding shares).


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