Saving 900 tons of CO2

Bekaert saved around 900 tons of CO2 by moving trucks off the road to rail with logistics supplier in 2022.

When it comes to Creating a better tomorrow, we are continuously working towards reducing our carbon footprint. We also know that we cannot do this work alone. And that collaborating with our suppliers is vital to reduce our upstream and downstream Scope 3 emissions - by 19.7% by 2035.

One of our logistics partners, our European road freight supplier, LKW Walter, has the same mindset and by partnering with them we were able to reduce our transportation related GHG emissions.

Transporting to a greener future

Together with LKW Walter, we have taken some load off - literally – by moving more than 1200 road freight trucks into an intermodal solution (rail) in 2022. With this approach, we are still able to provide a door-to-door transportation service, and at the same time ensure that the trucks drive shorter distances on the road.

One train can accommodate the equivalent of up to 80 trucks. Freight railroads are 3-4 times more fuel efficient than trucks on average, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of transportation. 

We can’t reduce Scope 3 emissions by ourselves. It is a shared effort. As rail traffic in Europe is highly fragmented on a country level, choosing a partner with the right expertise is key. The partnership with LKW Walter truly shows how we can establish the new possible when we join forces, share experiences and knowledge to reduce our carbon emissions.

Willem Jan Beerthuis

VP Procurement Logistics & Services Category
Willem Jan Beerthuis

This is just one of the examples in creating a more sustainable value chain that contributes to Bekaert’s ambition of reaching carbon net zero by 2050.