Caroline Storme

Member of the Board of Directors

First appointed 2019

Mrs Caroline Storme is Head Financial Planning Analyst R&D at UCB in Belgium.

Mrs Storme started her career with Deloitte Consulting in 2000. She worked at Bekaert as financial controller from 2004-2006 before she moved to Amtech, IGW where she was appointed CFO and was based in Suzhou, China. Mrs Storme joined UCB in 2012, first in regional financial and global services positions, based in Shanghai, China, and since 2017 as Head Financial Planning Analyst R&D at Headquarters UCB in Brussels, Belgium. She was appointed Director of the Board of Bekaert on 8 May 2019.

Caroline Storme holds a Master of Finance from Solvay Management School, ULB-VUB Brussels, Belgium, and an MBA from Insead, France and Singapore.

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