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Bekaert has an ambitious sustainability agenda with clear commitments toward the environment, our employees, our customers & other business partners, and society.

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Our 2030 ambitions versus 2019 baseline

  • -45% reduction in GHG emissions in line with Science Based Targets 
  • Aim for Carbon Net Zero by 2050
  • ~65% of our sales to be from sustainable solutions
  • -15% reduction of relative freshwater intake in stressed regions

Our responsibility toward the environment

Join us on the road to Carbon Net Zero.

We are committed to reach net-zero emission by 2050, backed by science-based targets. That is why we have applied and have been accepted to join other leaders to support the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign.

Companies committed to Business Ambition for 1.5°C receive independent validation of their targets from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and become part of the UN Climate Champions’ Race to Zero.

We care for the climate and promote a circular economy: we develop and install manufacturing equipment that reduces energy consumption and optimizes recycling. We use renewable energy sources wherever possible and avoid the discharge of untreated effluents and waste.

At Bekaert, we develop products that contribute to a cleaner environment. Ecology is an aspect that is already considered during the R&D phase of new products. In many cases, it is even a driving factor.

Read about our achievements and ambitions in the latest integrated annual report.

Our initiatives

  • Global LED light program reduced energy consumption for lighting by -50%
  • About 40% of our electric energy consumption is from renewable energy sources
  • 100% of all steel scrap at Bekaert returns to the steel industry for recycling


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Our 2030 ambitions

  • Strive for zero accidents
  • 40% female managers/white collars

Our commitment toward our employees

As a company and as individuals, we act with integrity and commit to the highest standards of business ethics. We promote equal opportunity, foster diversity and we create a caring and safe working environment across our organization. Our values are ingrained in our culture and connect us all as One Bekaert team.

We act with integrity · We earn trust · We are irrepressible!

Read about our achievements and ambitions in the latest integrated annual report.

Our initiatives

  • All managers and salaried professionals worldwide annually confirm their commitment to the Bekaert Code of Conduct
  • Global BeCare Health & Safety program and Annual Health & Safety Week in all plants and offices globally
  • The Bekaert University is the one-stop learning & development center for all employees 
  • Engagement surveys gauge motivation
  • Topical global learning weeks include an Information Security week, the annual Hello customer! week, and more


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Our 2030 ambitions

  • 100% of suppliers to be leading in ESG ratings1
  • 95% of spend is with suppliers who sign off our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • We apply strict compliance management

1 E.g., SBTi validated, CDP & Ecovadis ratings

Our commitment toward customers and other business partners

We collaborate with our suppliers and customers to deliver upon our sustainability ambitions and develop process and product innovations that help drive sustainability improvements across the supply chain.

Read about our achievements and ambitions in the latest integrated annual report.

Our initiatives

  • More than 80% of Bekaert’s global R&D programs target distinct benefits in terms of health & safety and/or the environment
  • 100% coverage and compliance from direct tin/tungsten suppliers with the conflict minerals policy
  • Bekaert TAWI® coated tire cord filaments eliminate the need for cobalt in the rubber plies of tires and Bekaert’s super-tensile and ultra-tensile steel cord range enables the design of lighter tires, resulting in a potential global vehicle exhaust reduction of 1.5 billion kg CO2 annually



Our 2030 ambitions

  • Up to 2 community engagement events per location annually

Our commitment toward society

We support and develop initiatives that help improve the social conditions in the communities where we are active.

Our initiatives

  • Education projects form the backbone of Bekaert’s social funding and other community-building activities, because we believe that education and learning help create a sustainable future.
  • Covid-19 brought another dimension to our responsible actions that help support society. From the outbreak of the pandemic onwards, we have engaged and supported the communities where we are active with protection awareness initiatives and with donations and voluntary help to medical and care centers around the world.

Our ambitions

  • We actively engage with communities on priority sustainability themes
  • We strive to have a positive impact on our local communities

Read about our achievements and ambitions in the latest integrated annual report.


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Sustainability: a shared commitment and responsibility

The Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) is responsible for developing and driving our sustainability strategy and for defining and monitoring the sustainability targets globally. The sustainability strategy is an integral part of our Group strategy, which is validated by the Bekaert Board of Directors.

It engages and involves the responsibility and leadership of all business units and services across the Group and across regions, and therefore all Heads of the Business Units are responsible for the respective implementation of the sustainability roadmap in their perimeters.

Specific roles and responsibilities in deploying the sustainability strategy are allocated to the global Sustainability team (led by the CSO), the global SH&E and Procurement teams (led by the COO), the Human Resources organization (led by the CHRO), the Communications, Investor and Community Relations team (led by the CFO), and the Compliance Office team (under the leadership of the CEO).