Francesco Iacono

An opportunity for growth.

Francesco Iacono joined the Bekaert Young Graduate program in September 2022 after a very complete and somewhat unusual recruitment procedure. It’s not every day that an employer organises a virtual escape room activity to select candidates! The young graduate program looked appealing to him and so he got involved in the selection process. Today, Francesco works in our rubber reinforcement plant in Sardinia (Italy). “The Young Graduates program is an opportunity for growth for young people and also gives a positive image of the company” Francesco says. Used to an office environment, he is now learning to work in a factory. 

According to Francesco, the most interesting part is not necessarily what Bekaert does but rather how the company engages and empowers its employees. There is also a great respect for the way of working and safety. For him, Bekaert truly lives the “better together” spirit and leaves no one behind.

His advice for newcomers? “Get your hands dirty. Get yourself involved with the work you do. And don't be shy. An engineer with clean hands doesn't earn respect in the factory.