Bekaert Construction news digest August 2019

This month's overview features: the technological transformation of the construction sector, privacy around the data construction wearables, the internet of things and the risks of drones in construction.

The technological transformation of the construction sector


Is the construction sector on the verge of a technological transformation? Fact is that investors worldwide are eager to pump billions into new construction technology, which could give automation in the industry a boost.

Privacy around the data that construction wearables collect


Construction wearables that track heart rate, detect falls and check for fatigue could assist workers to perform safer. But what about privacy and use standards for this collected data?

The Internet of Things in the construction sector


Internet of Things (IoT) technology has become indispensable for the construction sector. Equipment that can share real-time data, offers constructors an exceptional level of transparency and efficiency.

The risks of drones in construction


Their capability of approaching hard to reach areas, such as roofs, tunnels and bridges, makes drones extremely valuable for the construction industry. But what are the risks?