Bekaert Construction news digest December 2019

In this digest we zoom in on some of the most interesting or remarkable news stories concerning the worldwide construction sector. Read further to learn more about the newest innovations, construction trends, and some practical tips and tricks. Be sure to click the links for the full stories.

South-East Asia’s Largest 3D-printer for Construction Operational in Singapore


South-East Asia’s largest 3D-printer for construction can be found in Singapore. This 3D concrete printer is capable of printing concrete components up to 9 m long, 3.5 m wide and 3.8 m tall. Read the full story here.

5 tips to protect your construction fleet during winter


Extreme winter conditions can have a big impact on the state of your construction fleet. Want to make sure that your fleet is still in good shape after the cold? Then take a look at these 5 tips.

Bricklaying robot offers 'Wall-as-a-Service'


Do you know Fastbrick Australia? This venture between Fastbrock Robotics - the inventor of Hadrian X - and building supplies company Brickworks is introducing promising ‘wall as a service’ solutions. Read the full article here.

Offsite construction showing spectacular growth


The global modular buildings market will grow to a value of US$ 215 billion by 2025, says a recent report. With a significant saving in both cost and time, it’s clear that offsite construction offers major benefits for the construction sector. Read the full story here.