Bekaert Construction news digest March 2020

In this digest we zoom in on some of the most interesting or remarkable news stories concerning the worldwide construction sector. Read further to learn more about the newest innovations, construction trends, and some practical tips and tricks. Be sure to click the links for the full stories

Five must-have apps for construction


Which mobile apps are essential on construction sites in 2020? Ibrahum Imam of PlanRadar selects 5 apps that make your construction project safer and more efficient. Read the full article here.

Robot with facial recognition technology protects jobsites


Here’s another great example of technology improving construction site safety. Meet Ziva, the autonomous surveillance robot! The two-wheeled robot uses cameras and facial recognition to identify people and vehicles on your site. Read the full story here.

Mega Chishui River Bridge in China


China is known for its inspiring mega construction projects. Have a look at the ambitious Chishui River Bridge in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan. After completion, the enormous suspension bridge will connect the Sichuan and Guizhou provinces. Watch the video here.

Copenhill, the waste-to-energy plant and ski slope in one


Fun and sustainability go hand in hand in Copenhagen. The latest illustration is Copenhill, an artificial 490-meter ski slope on top of a waste-to-energy plant. Copenhill aims to burn around 400.000 tons of waste every year, producing electricity to power 60.000 homes. Read the full story here.