Bekaert Construction news digest October 2019

This month’s news digest features a closer look at the construction industry’s struggle to become more efficient in terms of timing and budget. And have you ever wondered how improved weather forecasts could bring an end to extreme construction delays?

Furthermore, we take a look at an extraordinary boutique hotel on a Norwegian cliff and we dive into the growth of the European data center construction market. Be sure to click the links for the full stories.

Living under the sea?

Fifty years from now, will we be living under the sea and commuting through the sky, using drone-style air taxis? In a new report, academics and futurists suggest it will all be possible. Read more:

Architectural wonders all over the globe

New architectural wonders have risen all over the globe in 2019, from Qatar to Norway and from Shanghai to Texas. Izacar Architects selected 7 of the most remarkable new projects, ranging from a vertical forest to a restaurant beneath the waves. Read more here:

The Predictive Analytics Strategic Counsil predicts the future

More and more top contractors join the Predictive Analytics Strategic Council, an AI-based system aimed at preventing jobsite accidents. The council, which was launched in March 2019, uses data to help predict future incidents and hazards. Read the full story:
E-commerce in construction

OpenSpace is a game changer for construction

OpenSpace, the 'Google Street View of construction,' is being called a game changer by construction managers. The software uses artificial intelligence-driven technology to create navigable, 360-degree photo representations of a construction site. Read more here:

E-commerce in construction

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