Customer success: Born

Users of Born GmbH's EMS wearables were occasionally complaining that their products suffered from corrosion. The corrosion causes the suit to stop functioning after a while. Bekaert's technical experts offered a solution via Bekinox® VN stainless steel yarn. But how did it play a crucial role?

Innovative textiles

Born's EMS wearables incorporate Bekaert's Bekinox® VN stainless steel yarns. This provides outstanding durability alongside conductivity and corrosion resistance. Because the yarn is ultrafine and soft it is easily integrated into Born's EMS wearables.

I am very happy with the stable product that Bekaert supplies, and that Bekaert found the solution to our corrosion problem.

Michael Schneider

CEO Born GmbH
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The challenge

Once Born began to receive complaints of corrosion from their users, they asked Bekaert to investigate the cause further. Technical experts soon discovered a high percentage of chloride, though origins remained unclear.

Finding the solution

Triathletes commonly use magnesium gel to improve the contact between skin and electrodes while using EMS wearables. A combination of chloride and current caused local pure chlorine to form and react with metallic components. 

Thanks to Bekaert's troubleshooting work, Born could clearly communicate to customers that an electrode gel should not be used with their EMS wearables. As a result, corrosion complaints fell by 97%.