Anti-static fibers and yarns

anti-static textiles landingspagina Metal fibers are integrated into a variety of textile products to provide protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), which is a common phenomenon in daily life. Everyone has experienced ESD when receiving a small electrical shock after touching a metal item that is electrically isolated from the ground. A simple example is the electric shock you can get when touching the door of your car as you get out. It is caused by the difference in electrical potential between an electrostatically charged item and the ground. 

Although this example is rather harmless, ESD should not be ignored; more serious consequences of this phenomenon include fires, explosions and accidents. For this reason, it’s important that an electrostatic charge is led towards the ground to avoid dangerous discharges and the possibility of accidents or to protect electronic equipment such as computers. For example, people working in explosive atmospheres wear conductive shoes that are grounded at all times to avoid the build-up of static electricity.

Benefits of Bekaert metal fibers for anti-static textiles include high conductivity and flexibility, softness, and outstanding contact comfort for the wearer or user. They can easily be blended with other textile fibers, and offer superior electrical resistance even after frequent washing. Bekaert fibers can also be combined with flame-retardant fibers to protect against heat.