Heat resistant textiles

When producing glass products such as automotive, container, mirror, ballistic, solar and displays, special care is needed while the glass is still hot. To avoid damaging or scratching the hot glass, the glass needs to be protected from the tooling being used to process or move the glass. This is achieved by introducing a flexible soft material in between the glass and the tooling. 

Bekaert’s heat-resistant textiles made from stainless steel fibers of 12 µm and below are ideal for this use. They display excellent damping properties, as well as heat resistance up to 700°C or even higher.

A wide range of heat-resistant materials is available, made from stainless steel and blends with aramids/PBO. Solutions are available for every type of tooling or can be customized on demand. Moreover, continuous development at Bekaert ensures that our heat-resistant textiles are suitable even for the newest applications.

Benefits of Bekaert heat-resistant textiles for hot glass manipulation include:

  • Heat resistance up to 700°C or even higher 
  • High flexibility and softness makes them ideal for high-quality glass bending and manipulation
  • Excellent damping properties
  • Wide portfolio ensures selection for lifetime and/or optical performance