Guy Wire and Strand

Bekaert is the largest, leading independent manufacturer of commercial steel and wire products in North America. American made steel guy wire for electric utility poles, telephone poles, telecommunications and towers.

Local Support

Our production and commercial teams are locally optimized for close communication to meet your needs. Call us today.

Faster Lead Times

Bekaert's strength in logistics gives customers the transparency and consistency to get the job done.

Complete Portfolio

We offer the full range of diameters, grades and coatings in the market, giving customers a one go-to source.

Corrosion Resistance

Our Bezinal® coating improves the life cycle of our products without compromising performance.

Steel Guy Wire Strengths

As a leading guy wire supplier, Bekaert produces the widest range of guy wire available. We manufacture  telephone pole guy strands and utility pole guy strands to fit your specifications. One aspect of our strands that you can choose is its minimum breaking strength. Much of that strength has to do with how many wires you select for each strand. At Bekaert, we offer single-wire strands as well as manufacture guy strand with 3, 7 or 19 wires per cable.

Depending on their application, guy wires might withstand high winds, incredible tension and excessive weight. Steel guy wires are versatile because of their impressive, standardized strength.

Galvanized Steel Guy Wire and Coatings

Steel cables are vulnerable to corrosion and rust. Rust damages the guy wire, which can lead to further deterioration and breakage. Degraded guy strands are dangerous, and replacing them uses up your company's time and resources.

Prevent rust with the right coating that meets your specifications. Bekaert provides various zinc coating options for our steel guy line, including Class A, Class B and Class C zinc galvanization coatings that meet industry standards. For clients who need extra corrosion resistance, Bekaert created Bezinal® — a zinc-aluminum alloy coating that performs well in corrosive environments.

Steel Guy Wire

Guy wires secure many of the largest man-made structures, including power and telecommunications lines, railway signals, towers, masts and wind turbines. A guy line functions the same way regardless of its application, creating an angle between the vertical structure and the ground. One end connects to a high point on the structure and the other attaches to the ground with an anchor.