Fencing wire

Fencing wire

Fencing wires come in a dia range from 1.55 mm up to 7.80 mm. Based on low or medium carbon wire rod. Coated with zinc, Zinc-Aluminium (Bezinal® or Bezinal® 2000) and green polymere ZnAl coatings all conforming to the respective EN norms. The wires are supplied in big smoothly unwinding O26 or O32 coils.


  • The various types of coating Bekaert is able to put on the selected low or medium carbon steelwires give an adequate corrosion protection to fences operating in much varying weather and climate conditions anywhere in the world
  • Coating types: regular and heavily hot dipped galvanised


Woven fences (hinge joint, chainlink, ringlock and tightlock) for agricultural fencing
Welded fences for residential, public and industrial purposes
Undulated woven mesh for machine guards, flower supports, etc
Barbed and concertina barbed wire


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , Zinc
Number of Wires 100-1000
  • better together

    Situation Skiers count on safety when they go up the mountain

    Solution In close cooperation Bekaert developed superior quality wires that meet the technical customer requirements of ropeway constructors

    Result The customer handles the production of the cables, but also on-site weaving (or splicing) and installation. The cables have a life expectancy up to 40 years

  • better together

    Situation Ultra-strong and length-stable material is needed to reinforce synchronous belts which drive wind turbine blades.

    Solution A high-quality steel cord comprised of 83 twisted wires.

    Result Optimum tensile strength, length stability and adhesion with the rubber belt providing the wind turbine manufacturer with a substantially lighter, maintenance-free and space-saving solution.