PET coated wire for aquaculture cages

Bekaert wire for submerged pens and cages has a highly adhesive, colored PET coating. This coating performs two key functions. One is to eliminate the need for post-coatings. The other is to protect the wire from aggressive fouling and marine corrosion. The mechanical strength of the wire offers a solid base for woven or welded cage designs.

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Supporting your cage design

Bekaert’s PET coated high carbon steel wire is ideal for aquatic farming materials. The mechanical strength offers a solid base for woven or welded cage designs. The wire is suitable for breeding cages of any type of shellfish such as scallops, oysters and shrimp. To meet any cage design, the wire is available in both standard and custom sizes and in any color you like.  The colors help increase visibility or code cages in different breeding stages.

A durable alternative to plastic netting

PET coated steel wire is far more durable than plastic netting. It resists chewing, snagging and breakage to prevent escape or to block predators. Plus it is also more resistant to fouling and corrosion than plastic. This high tensile, steel wire allows the mesh to be taken down, moved and reassembled as often as needed.





  • Supports a durable design
  • Helps quick and easy assembly
  • Color coding possible for cages in different breeding stages
  • Easy to maintain


Bulk Material Stainless steel
Shape Wire
Coating Other metal alloy