Off the road tire and rubber track reinforcement in mining

Off the road (OTR) mining equipment often work in very harsh conditions due to climates, bad road surfaces and heavy payloads. Off road tires and rubber tracks are the first contact with the road surface of a mine. This is critical to guarantee that your rolling equipment is operational at all times.

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The expectations of the end-user are high: long lifetime, even at high speeds and payloads, strong traction, riding comfort with limited wear, better fuel consumption, greater resistance to puncture or cut and on-site repair, retread and recycle service.

These expectations are best met with a radial OTR tire or steel cord reinforced rubber track.



  • Complete product portfolio for the rip protection of belt, carcass, bead and chafer
  • Solution avoids accidents and down-time by making the tire more resistant to cuts, heavy impacts and corrosion
  • Steel cords improve the overall lifetime of the tire in terms of durability, load capacity and footprint
  • Technical and commercial service from a global team


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Complex
Coating Brass